Books by Tom Gilson

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Too Used to Jesus — a look at surprising things Jesus didn’t do, and what that teaches both Christians and skeptics about him. Why did he never say, “Our Father,” except when he told the disciples to pray that way? Why don’t the Gospels ever describe him as having faith? And why do skeptics think a story as unique as his was so easy to write, a Telephone Game could have put it together?


Essays on the Christian life, ethics, apologetics, and more.
Foreword by Dr. Timothy McGrew.

practical guide for parents who want to keep their kids strong in the faith while culture tells them Christianity is hateful.


Atheists want to name themselves the party of reason. This book takes that claim head-on.

How to respond to the really adversarial people on social media — and do it Jesus’ way!


Peter Boghossian wants to create atheists. His “critical thinking” is weak, but he’s an expert in persuasion. Here’s a direct answer to him on that.