Thinking Christian by Tom Gilson

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Remember the joy, the excitement, the life you experienced in Jesus, when you first started following Him for real? Are you wondering if it’s starting to fade? Your heart’s in the right place — you want to keep your first love. It’s just starting to seem too familiar, though.

Engaging… Exhilarating… Surprising… Refreshing!

You’re not alone. Even the Christians you look up to most may feel the same way, and more often than you’d think. Yet even the most experienced Christians can be surprised by Jesus all over again! Listen to some of them as they describe their own encounters with Christ through the book Too Good to be False: How Jesus’ Incomparable Character Reveals His Reality:

Best-selling author Lee Strobel:Engaging … exhilarating … This might be the most surprising and refreshing book you’ll read this year.”

Love, Respect, Worship

Talbot University distinguished professor J. P. Moreland: “I have never approached the go;”>As the years passed, that changed. Apathy has set in…. Jesus has become so familiar to me that I kind of forget how amazing He reaspels in this way and with Gilson’s guidance, I have come to love, respect, and worship Jesus with renewed vigor and insight. Honestly this book must be in your library.”

A Fun Read!

Liberty University distinguished professor Gary Habermas: “I may never before have made this comment in a recommendation, but this volume was a ‘fun read.’ I enjoyed it! Don’t get me wrong — Gilson’s responses hit the skeptical objections at which he aimed time-and-again, including many of the major complaints lodged against Jesus’ story.”

Fresh Insights After Two Thousand Years

Author and speaker Dr. Frank Turek: Are you skeptical that anyone could present fresh insights about Jesus after two thousand years? Tom Gilson has done just that.”

From Growing Stale to “Blew Me Away”!

Those are some of the experts’ endorsements. What about the rest of us, though? Be encouraged by what a blogger named Amber wrote. First she described her early joy: “There was just no hiding how amazing Jesus was.” But she’d been losing that close connection with Him:

As the years passed, that changed. Apathy has set in.. Jesus has become so familiar to me that I kind of forget how amazing He really is…. Of course I still love Him and acknowledge the gift of eternal life in heaven that He provided me. But the relationship end of knowing Jesus grows stale because I tend to think I know all there is to know.

But then she read Too Good to be False, and it “totally shook me up,” she says:

This book helped me to reopen my eyes to how awe-inspiring and unbelievably wonderful my Savior is! … As a Christian who has grown a little too used to Jesus and all the common phrases, [Part 1 of the book] blew me away. You will find yourself overwhelmed by how truly loving Jesus was, how His brilliance will forever go unmatched, how incredible his voice of authority changed the world, and much more.

You can fall in love with Jesus again!

Not just that, but if you need to recover your assurance that His life, His message, His death and resurrection are true, that’s in Too Good to be False, too. As best-selling author Eric Metaxas said, “Too Good to be False takes a fascinating look at the human character of Jesus, uncovering fresh insights for believers and skeptics to see that Jesus’ story is not simply a story — it’s truly, truly too good to be false.

So read Too Good to be False: How Jesus’ Incomparable Character Reveals His Reality. Discover Jesus anew, and fall in love Him all over again!