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God Heals — Amazing Good News! (Tom Gilson Ministry Newsletter, May 2022)

I have good news. Lots of it. I’ve been holding out on you too long, and I need to pass it along. It’s about bad news getting better — amazingly better. It happened slowly, and gradually, but in retrospect it ...
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Ministry Progress, April 2022

Photo: snapshot I took during Christian leadership meeting mentioned below, led by James Robison, in the Life Today TV studio. (It was not televised.) It’s happening — at last! Step by step, this past year or two, I’ve been building ...
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The Very Alien Question of Marriage (from The Stream’s Pastors’ Corner)

(Also published at The Stream.) What is marriage? What is it for? Why does marriage matter? Ten years ago, those were the hottest questions on the planet. Now they’re … nothing. No one even asks anymore, at least not in ...
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Find Your Authentic Self, or Find an Authentic View of God?

Everyone’s in a rush to find their “authentic self.” We’re going about it the wrong way, though. We find our true selves by giving up false gods and finding the true God. We’ve missed his reality, however.  Even Christians have, ...
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2021 in Review: God Shows Up in Spite of All

I’m writing this during the winter storm of February 3, 2022. So far it’s turning out less disruptive than what we’d prepped for, when earlier forecasts had said we could get nearly half an inch of freezing rain. That would ...
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