Religion is Bad For Your Country? 

Surely by now you've seen the report on research by Gregory Paul demonstrating that religion correlates with all kinds of nasty things in societies. Have you seen a good analysis, though? 

Statguy Scott Gilbreath tells what the study really reveals, which is nothing other than that the author has played fast and loose with his research, and that he has no training in social sciences--but he clearly has an axe to grind!

For some real research, try this from the archives instead.

(HT to Telic Thoughts)

Addendum 9/30: MikeGene at Telic Thoughts has done his own equally careful ;) "study" on religion and culture with opposite results.

And again on October 1. The research keeps on pouring in!

See also this October 2 followup, probably the final one. 

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