"The Dark Underbelly of Cohabitation" 

In my last post I made the point that God's boundaries around sexual activity are for our good. Here is further empirical confirmation of that. Several studies have shown that children are considerably more at risk of physical harm if not raised by their two biological parents. One excerpt from the Associated Press report on this: 

"Many scholars and front-line caseworkers interviewed by The Associated Press see the abusive-boyfriend syndrome as part of a broader trend that deeply worries them. They note an ever-increasing share of America's children grow up in homes without both biological parents, and say the risk of child abuse is markedly higher in the nontraditional family structures.

"'This is the dark underbelly of cohabitation,' said Brad Wilcox, a sociology professor at the University of Virginia. 'Cohabitation has become quite common, and most people think, 'What's the harm?' The harm is we're increasing a pattern of relationships that's not good for children.'"

Part of an ongoing accumulation of research on positive life outcomes associated with faith. See that link for more on how to interpret studies like these. 

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