Once Again, How Can This Be Legal? 

Last night I asked how it could possibly be legal for schools to promote the anti-God trilogy beginning with The Golden Compass. Some might answer this way: The Golden Compass is just one book; the anti-God, anti-Church material doesn't show up there, but only in the second and third books. And only the first one is being promoted. What's the problem?

Well, if you recall a certain court case in Dover, PA, you won't need me to tell you what the problem is. But I'll go ahead and say it anyway. 

A judge in Dover ruled that it was illegal, on grounds of separation of church and state, for the school there to place an Intelligent Design-related book in its library and let students know it was there. That case has no legal effect on any parties other than the ones directly involved; it was in a lower court, and it has no force of precedent. The media, however, has been treating it as if it Settled the Matter For All Time.

The entire trilogy is in our high school's library and undoubtedly in many, many other. Now, is a school going to make its presence there a secret while teaching from the first book? Will their editions of this first book strip out any reference to sequels?

Sure, there's a difference between fiction and non-fiction. Still, wouldn't Dover be a great place for a legal test on using this book in schools?

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