Plantinga on Dawkins 

When I posted a link to Alvin Plantinga's review of The God Delusion two weeks ago, it was with some questions about the source: it included no copyright information, and though it appeared to be Plantinga's style of thinking and writing, his name did not actually appear on it.

I just got an email from the website owner where it was located. He said it was indeed genuine, but that Dr. Plantinga had not intended it for public release yet. It will appear in a forthcoming issue of Books and Culture. So I am removing the current link to it as well as the quotes I took from it. If you have downloaded it, the honorable thing to do in light of this would be to delete your copy from your computer and spread the same word to others. That's what I'm doing. Thanks! 

The comments to that post, still valid and useful, are attached to this one now. 

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