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Potshots From Other Public Places

I just added this to my discussion policy:

13. Commenters who use other social media for gross character attacks on persons commenting here may be banned. This does not refer to disagreement, even strong disagreement, but specifically to character attack (“she's a liar,” “he's a moron,” etc.). If you want to take behind-the-scenes-yet-public potshots that's your choice, but you're not invited here if you do that elsewhere.

Here's the reason. It's a tweet from Martin:

@ThnkngChristian @mirandachale I suspect @RichardDawkins has a theory but the simple act of lying to children about eternal pnshmt is wrong

Martin, a lie is a falsehood with intent to deceive. In this tweet you have accused me and virtually every other Christian parent of harming our children by intentional deception. That's incredibly offensive.

This new discussion policy item was not in place when you did that, so I'm not banning you from the blog for it. It's in place now, however.

I'm not following, much less policing, everyone's social media. I'll apply this policy when I run across instances where it applies. This tweet was sent to directly to me (@ThnkngChristian).

For the record, I strongly disagree with your assessment that Christianity's warnings are false. To fail to tell our children the truth, in language suited to their age and emotional development, would be wrong. We disagree on that, I know, and that disagreement is a fine thing to talk about. To accuse me of intentionally harming my children, however, is completely off limits.



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