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Survey: Faith Challenges for Parents and Youth

Survey on Faith Challenges for Parents and Youth

I am haunted by the image of teens coming home from school and asking their mom or dad, “My teacher says the Bible is a book of fables. Is that true?” or “My friend says Christians hate gays. What do I tell her?” These questions have answers, but few Christian parents are equipped to help their children discover them.

I wonder, too, how often children come home and don't ask those questions. Some churches do a good job with these issues, but not all.

I am re-working this blog to help parents with those conversations at dinner, in the car, or wherever they may happen. You can help me. I'm asking parents with children at home to fill out a short 5 to 15 minute survey on handling challenges to the faith.

So if you're a parent with at least one child at home, would you please help by taking this questionnaire?

And whether you fit that category or not, would you please email the link to friends who are? The more information I can gather, the better the chance of providing equipping that really makes a difference.

Thank you.


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1 thought on “Survey: Faith Challenges for Parents and Youth

  1. You wrote, “I wonder, too, how often children come home and don’t ask those questions.”

    One thing’s for sure – we should all encourage children to ask many questions. Think about things and ask questions!

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