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Podcast Episode 1: “Too Used To Jesus”

On this inaugural episode of a revamped Thinking Christian podcast, Tom Gilson describes a problem undermining American Christianity, ...

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Potshots From Other Public Places

I just added this to my discussion policy: 13. Commenters who use other social media for gross character ...

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Why Did A&E Suspend Phil Robertson?

I wrote the following last night, and then decided it was too speculative to publish. I had opinions ...

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“Faith” In Science: Jerry Coyne Is Right and Wrong

I don’t often agree with New Atheists on the subject of faith, but I do this time—up to ...

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Shout-Out: Epiphany Space

I got an email last night from Epiphany Space, a coworking and collaboration place for actors and artists ...

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The Fourth — or First — Reason for Religious Freedom

When I wrote recently on three reasons religious freedom matters, I kept it generic, with no particular religion ...

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He Is Risen! Three Reasons We Know It’s True

He is risen! How do we know? John Stonestreet of BreakPoint/The Colson Center for Christian Worldview does a ...

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Survey: Faith Challenges for Parents and Youth

Survey on Faith Challenges for Parents and Youth I am haunted by the image of teens coming home ...

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I should have stayed off the blog like I said I was going to. I tried installing some ...

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