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Tuesday Pastor/Teacher Focus

Run to the Battle — With Wisdom

Tuesday Pastor Focus Some people want to live within the sound of chapel bells But I want to ...

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Motivate Men to Contend for the Faith

It’s not easy to get men fully engaged in church. Maybe it’s because we’ve made it too easy. ...

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Apologists in Church

Tuesday Pastor/Teacher Focus I made a new friend over lunch today, the missions pastor at the church my ...

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Five Reasons Churches Need More Unanswered Questions

This has the potential to get pastors fired for following Jesus’ example. It will confuse anyone who sees ...

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The Worldview Clash in the Marriage Debate

Continuing my series on Biblical and Secular Reasons for Man-Woman Marriage, I want to put it in context ...

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Why We Must Teach On Marriage In the Church

Tuesday Pastor-Teacher Focus Before I get to far into this series, I need to explain why I think ...

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Biblical and Secular Reasons for Man-Woman Marriage: Introduction

I’ve been looking forward to this series for a long time: Biblical and Secular Reasons for Man-Woman Marriage. ...

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Starting Tuesday: Biblical and Secular Reasons for Man-Woman Marriage

Announcing a new series starting Tuesday: Biblical and Secular Reasons For Man-Woman Marriage This is a series especially ...

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Grace, Freedom, Truth, Equipping

Grace and Freedom I met a college/career leader from a local church the other night. We got talking ...

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