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Especially for high school upperclassmen (American parlance; apologies to other regions of the world) and for college and university students. As the intent is to be supportive for students who are in the faith or wondering/seeking/inquiring about it, discussion here is reserved for those who are students or who can help support that inquiry.

Weekly posting is temporarily on hold while I settle in to a new position with a new mission agency

The Day of Silence and Shallow Tolerance

The Day of Silence and Shallow Tolerance

Today is the Day of Silence “to highlight the effects of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment” in schools. Parents and teachers, you may hear questions from your youth about this; I regret I did not post this earlier. An End to Bullying First, I want to register my full support for putting LGBT bullying to a final and complete end. I’m told by a source I trust that as many as one-third of LGBT teenagers consider suicide. That’s horrifying. It’s likely…

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