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Christians Today: Totally Ready to be Unready; Perfectly Prepared to be Unprepared

We — meaning Christians in the West, especially in America — are the generation most primed, most prepared, ...

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A Conversation on Critical Conversations

I recorded this a couple years ago, but it’s every bit as relevant today, and worth re-posting. In ...

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Is the Church Abandoning Its People in Their Toughest Dilemmas?

Christians face ethical dilemmas these days like we’ve never faced before. And to the best of my knowledge, ...

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I couldn’t stay away. I’d said I was retiring this blog, but in the weeks since then I’ve ...

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Coming Back: You Knew Retirement Couldn’t Last, Right?

More to come soon — the same focus but a renewed look, to help get the word on ...

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Time for Change: Retiring this Blog to Focus on a Crucial New Initiative

How does one say this, after all these years, all these friendships, all these interactions? It’s been quite ...

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The Man Who Gave His Consent To Be Born

News came out a couple weeks ago about Raphael Samuel, a 27-year-old Indian man who’s reportedly suing his ...

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Who’s Interested in Apologetics and Why? New Research Reveals New Answers

Why are some Christians more interested in apologetics than others? Do you think you know the reasons? Probably. ...

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How and How Not to Use Psychological Research Regarding Abortion and Other Social Issues

I was just looking at a Facebook battle over whether women tend to suffer emotional distress after an ...

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