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John Loftus and Book the Christian Delusion

So You Want An Unbiased Opinion On Christianity? You’re Piling On More Bias Than You Think!

Book Review: The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails. Part Two Bias To the Max Jason Long survey’s persuasion theory ...

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Truth Revolution Interview On Naturalistic Atheism

Tons of fun talking with Jeff Piepho and Dave Waggoner at Truth Revolution about my article, “Naturalistic Atheism ...

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One Easy Way You Can Help Advance Local Church Apologetics

It’s Giving Tuesday today, and today I’m inviting you to help propel a strategic new ministry forward. National Ministry ...

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John Loftus and Book the Christian Delusion

How John Loftus’s The Christian Delusion Fails: Part One

Book Review: The Christian Delusion John Loftus’s Facebook page lit up recently after I answered his question about going ...

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An Open Letter Of Hope To Gregory Magarshak, Man of Many Questions

Greetings, Gregory! It’s been more than five years since you were on this blog, so when I met ...

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There’s No Balancing This Moral Equation: Human Well-Being Doesn’t Explain Human Morality

BillB left some thoughtful comments about morality and well-being on my recent post, “Naturalistic Atheism Is An Extraordinarily Strange and ...

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Naturalistic Atheism Is An Extraordinarily Strange and Unlikely Worldview

The other day I listed 50 facts and features of reality that Christianity explains better than any other worldview ...

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What Would It Take For Me To Give Up Belief In Jesus Christ?

Skeptics often ask, “Is there anything that could possibly cause you to give up your belief in Jesus ...

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John Loftus’s Bad Reasons for Not Going To Church, and a Few Good Ones For Going

John Loftus, the affable hat-wearing atheist who loves to poke quasi-informed fun at Christians, posted this on Facebook yesterday: ...

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