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The Very Alien Question of Marriage (from The Stream’s Pastors’ Corner)

(Also published at The Stream.) What is marriage? What is it for? Why does marriage matter? Ten years ...

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Everybody Wants a Piece of Jesus

Everyone wants a piece of Jesus. Major religions want to claim him for their own. And political and ...

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Your Church: Ready and Equipped for What’s Coming?

We’re teetering on the edge of persecution, near a tipping point. It might never happen, but on the ...

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Should Churches “Keep the Cookies on the Lower Shelf”?

“I try to keep the cookies on the lower shelf.” I keep hearing pastors saying that. It bothers ...

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Who’s Playing God Here? (5 Bad Reasons to Oppose the Sanctity of Human Life Bill)

From The Stream: Ken Burrows, writing for the very secular site TheHumanist, wants to warn us of dangers lurking in ...

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Change History Again by Outthinking Our Opponents

From The Stream: Does it feel strange to find Christianity under attack the way it is these days? ...

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Denouncing Evil by Standing for Good

From The Stream: We could take time to map out the racism and oppression we denounce, defining them ...

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One Nation Looking Upward at God’s Glory

From The Stream: My wife said it well: “He probably thought it was cute.” Neither of us caught the NBC ...

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We’re Accelerating Toward Persecution. Hold On To Joy!

With this post I will (at last) echo some of my own writing at The Stream here at Thinking ...

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