Monday Student Focus

Summer Listening

Monday Student Focus I've been talking about summer reading in this space; how about summer listening instead? I ...

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Summer Reading: To Grow and Thrive

Monday Student Focus So school is over for the summer now, unless you live or study where it ...

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Summer Reading for Students

Monday Student Focus Is your school out yet? Some keep going until mid-June; most that I know of ...

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Monday Student Question: Why Pray?

Tony asked a while back, why pray? There was more to his question, of course. Here’s the meat ...

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How Do You Tell a Good Answer From a Bad One?

Monday Student Focus I’ve been posting here about the importance of questions, and I got a great one ...

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Questions About Christianity, and What Does It All Have To Do With Me?

Last time in this student-focus series I wrote about respecting the questions: that it’s healthy for students (and ...

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Respecting the Questions

“Tell me again what you meant by that, when you said something about ‘respecting the questions’?”  I was ...

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