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The Stream’s “#100forLife — One Hundred Hours of Remembering the Millions Denied Their First Baby’s Breath”

Starting at 9 a.m. EDT today, marking this weekend’s 100-year anniversary of the founding of Planned Parenthood, America’s ...

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New Strategic Initiative: The Thinking Christian Connection

The first local Thinking Christian Connection meeting will be this weekend. The above photo comes from a strategy ...

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Call for Prayer: Strategy Meetings This Week

Jesus Christ warned his followers that a day would come when people would stand against His name and ...

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July 2016 Update: Leading a Christian Response In a Fast-Changing World

The world is shifting rapidly. Our values are on the line. Our safety is not assured as it once ...

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Critical and Personal Conversations

I really enjoyed this conversation this morning, and I so appreciated Christine Sneeringer’s personal stories of starting out as ...

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May Ministry Update

These last two months have been the days of Critical Conversations: social media, radio interviews, traveling and speaking. I had a ...

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Talk: Where Today’s Moral Confusion Came From and What We Can Do About It I rolled into town a bit early last Friday, heading into a weekend of ministry with Immanuel ...

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I Really Want You To Hear This

Please listen to this conversation I had recently with Bill Bunkley, President of the Florida Ethics and Religious ...

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Critical Conversations Book: Pushback and Prayer Requests

We need your prayers. Late last month my book Critical Conversations: A Christian Parent’s Guide to Discussing Homosexuality ...

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