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A Different Kind of Giving Tuesday Opportunity

You Can Give, Just By Spreading the Word on Social Media! The song goes, “All I want for ...

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Tom Gilson November 1 Ministry Update

The run-up to the election has made work at The Stream incredibly intense the last weeks or months, ...

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How to Grow in Love for Christ and Confidence in Him — Online Webinar Tomorrow (Friday)

Tomorrow, Friday, July 31, at 5:00 pm Eastern time: Online Webinar on Too Good to be False Michael ...

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October Ministry Update

So much going on — sometimes it gets to be so much it’s hard to find time to ...

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FamilyLife Interview On Critical Conversations Coming Thursday and Friday!

Coming this Thursday and Friday — my on-air conversation with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine on keeping our ...

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It’s Official. We Need Prayer Support.

We need prayer. I cannot believe the headwinds and obstacles we’ve been facing. I’m leading a team to ...

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Apologetics in the Church: The Spiritual Readiness Project Moves Forward

What will it take to bring apologetics into the local church? I must have heard that question asked ...

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On the Air This Week!

Three Media Events: Critical Conversations! Tuesday Afternoon Tuesday 1:30 pm Central, 2:30 pm Eastern: Revealing how parents can ...

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Countdown to 2017 Giving!

It’s the final countdown to giving in 2017! Depending on your situation, your year-end gift in 2017 may ...

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