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Whatever your vocation, chances are you run into questions about the faith from co-workers or customers. The job itself might challenge you with, “what does it really mean to work in a Christlike way?” You’ll find answers here. And you’re welcome to ask further questions, too.

“Faith Is Rationalizing What You Already Believe, Right?”

Have you ever heard that faith is just a way to rationalize what you were brought up to ...

Dealing With Two Common Arguments for Same-Sex “Marriage”

My post this afternoon on same-sex “marriage” (SSM) might help you deal with two common objections to man-woman ...

Jesus’ First Words: Luke 4 (In the Marketplace)

Jesus had his own agenda, and often surprised people with it, such as in his hometown sermon recorded ...

Introducing the Re-Purposed Thinking Christian Blog (Marketplace)

Christianity is for real life, and we spend a whole lot of our real lives at work, in ...

Stewardship At Work

How great would it be if someday conversations at Rotary or Kiwanis Clubs would go like this: Business ...


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