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New content nearly every Tuesday for pastors, teachers, and other leaders looking for support in fulfilling their responsibility to build their people in discipleship of the mind, including confidence in the faith and the ability to articulate and live according to a biblical worldview.

As the intent is to be supportive, discussion here is reserved for those who are in or supportive of that group.

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Apologetics In Your Teaching: Start With the Questions That Matter

Fourth in a series on “How to Use Apologetics In Your Teaching Without Scaring Anyone Away.” If you want to help your hearers know the answers to their questions, it pays to start with knowing what they’re asking. These questions — their questions — are the questions that matter. Discovering these questions used to be difficult. …

Starting Tuesday: Biblical and Secular Reasons for Man-Woman Marriage

Announcing a new series starting Tuesday: Biblical and Secular Reasons For Man-Woman Marriage This is a series especially for pastors and teachers, to help them help their people know the best thinking on the marriage debate. If you are not a pastor or a teacher, this will still be relevant to you; but please let …