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Friday Parent Focus

Teaching Apologetics at Home: Yes, You Can!

Maybe I was just searching the wrong way, but I was surprised this morning to see how few ...

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Students Debating Teachers In Class: Not Usually a Good Idea

Friday Parent Focus Last time here I wrote about what to say to your child when their teachers ...

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When Teachers Contradict Christianity: What To Say To Your Child

Friday Parent Focus Last Friday I spoke on dealing with the schools when they undermine the faith. There’s ...

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When Your Child’s School Undermines Christian Faith

My daughter came home from school one day in eighth grade and said, “My history teacher told us ...

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When You Don’t Know the Answers

Friday Parent Focus* Last time in this series I encouraged you to talk with your kids about faith, ...

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Talk To Your Kids About Faith

Do you talk to your kids about faith? It can do them a world of good. Based on ...

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Why Young People Leave the Faith

Last time in this series we talked about one great way to help our children remain connected to ...

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Leaving Home, Leaving the Faith: What About Your Children?

If not us as parents, then who? Research consistently shows that 60 to 80 percent of young people ...

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