Apologetics in Teaching

Ministry Update: God at Work Through the Cincinnati-Dayton Area Apologetics Fellowship

The Apologetics Fellowship at a special-invite luncheon with conference speaker Alisa Childers. It’s time for an update on ...

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This Week! Presenting a Strictly Bible-Centered Case for the Truth of the Resurrection (Without Circular Fallacies)

This might be a completely new case for the Resurrection. I could be wrong on that; I haven’t ...

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Apologetics in the Church: The Spiritual Readiness Project Moves Forward

What will it take to bring apologetics into the local church? I must have heard that question asked ...

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Apologetics In Your Teaching: How to Handle the Hot Questions Without Getting Sidetracked

Teachers, we have got to address our people’s questions, but how can we do it without getting sidetracked? ...

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Apologetics In Your Teaching: Start With the Questions That Matter

Fourth in a series on “How to Use Apologetics In Your Teaching Without Scaring Anyone Away.” If you ...

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Apologetics in Your Teaching, With the Apologetics Study Bible

Third in a series on “How to Use Apologetics In Your Teaching Without Scaring Anyone Away.” You’re teaching ...

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Apologetics That Won’t Scare People Off — My Own Example Curriculum

Image: The Sombrero Galaxy, representing the first lesson in this curriculum. Second in a series. Earlier this week ...

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How to Use Apologetics In Your Teaching Without Scaring Anyone Away

First in a series. Apologetics. In church. How many times have I heard people say, “Apologetics? What’s that?” ...

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