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Together We Can Make the Strategic Difference

Sara and I are deeply committed to seeing the whole earth “filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14). We believe you’re committed to the same. Much more can be done by working in partnership than working alone, and we are grateful for all those who have united with us in ministry.

You can help by joining with us as a financial and prayer partner.

Prayer partners commit to pray faithfully for our work. We communicate with you through this website, through e-mails (if you desire) and through a regular newsletter. Just contact us and we’ll let you know how you can pray with us.

Financial partners pray for us, and they also support our ministry through financial contributions made through our sending agency, Global Service Network. We’re looking for partners God has chosen to invest significantly in our ministry to help make this happen.

What does “significant” mean? It means different things to different people, so the answer to that is entirely up to you as the Lord leads you. We have partners involved from $10 to $350 per month, in addition to those whose commitment is simply to pray. We’re grateful for all.

You can donate by check, automatic bank draft, or credit card. The information you need is all right here. You’re always welcome to contact me with questions, too.

See the ministry overview page and this update for more.


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