Lydia McGrew Mirror or the Mask Cover

The Mirror or the Mask by Lydia McGrew: Liberating Gospel Readers from a Return to a Pre-Reformation Interpretive ‘Priesthood’?

The Mirror or the Mask by Lydia McGrew corrects what seems to be an ominous turn to a ...

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Help Decide My Next Book Title!

My latest book is in publishing, and we’re trying to nail down its title. We had a title ...

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brain model

Girl Brain, Boy Body: One More Transgender Inconsistency

Jazz Jennings, subject of the children’s book I am Jazz, says he has “a girl brain but a boy body.” ...

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When God Created Space, Where Did He Put It? (You’ll Be Surprised How Practical That Question Can Be)

Someone called it a nonsense question once. It even looks like a nonsense question, something you’d hear in a ...

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From Friend to Friend: My View on Lydia McGrew’s The Mirror or the Mask, and Why Mike Licona Won’t Want to Ignore It

This has been a tough one for me from the beginning. I write this blog post soberly and ...

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Atheist Memes: Be Wise — Don’t Take The Bait!

Someone asked on Facebook for advice on responding to the meme you see above and below. (It didn’t ...

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Why Do Preachers Make Jesus’ Foot-Washing Lesson Seem So Weird?

The streak continues. I heard another sermon this week on John 13, which opens with Jesus washing the ...

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man on couch, representing an imposter

Imposter Syndrome, Evangelism, and Apologetics

Someone asked in a Facebook apologetics group, “Does anyone else here who runs an Apologetics page ever suffer ...

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Outlining an Evolutionary Argument Against Moral Realism, On Materialistic Atheism

In a recent article on The Stream that’s proved controversial among some Christians on Facebook, I argued that gay ...

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