Pastors, Teachers, Leaders: This Book is Lighting Up Lives for Christ!

[For those who’ve read Too Good to be False: Do you have your own story of how it’s ...

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Two Things That Bother Me in Pinecreek Doug’s Critique of Too Good to be False

It’s begun! I’ve been looking forward to the first atheist responses to Too Good to be False. Pinecreek ...

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Christianity and Slavery: Does It Mean Jesus Isn’t Good After All?

Jesus is extraordinarily good. That’s the case I make in Too Good to be False, and all my ...

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Reminder: Join Sara and Me for Drop-In Book Signing on Saturday, August 22

Please join my wife, Sara, and me for the first public book signing event for Too Good to ...

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Listen Here to Tuesday’s Interviews

Listen here to two interviews from Tuesday on Too Good to be False. First, a half hour of ...

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Three and a Half Interviews Tuesday, August 11

Just a quick update as I’m heading out the door. First, for those who’ve subscribed to email updates, ...

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To Follow Jesus in Greater Love, Confidence, and Community

Have I shared the heart behind this book here yet? My prayers for it follow the three main ...

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How to Grow in Love for Christ and Confidence in Him — Online Webinar Tomorrow (Friday)

Tomorrow, Friday, July 31, at 5:00 pm Eastern time: Online Webinar on Too Good to be False Michael ...

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Pastor Stephen Bedard Interviews Me on Too Good to be False

I’ve known Stephen online for years, and always wanted to meet him face to face. He lives in ...

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