From Friend to Friend: My View on Lydia McGrew’s The Mirror or the Mask, and Why Mike Licona Won’t Want to Ignore It

This has been a tough one for me from the beginning. I write this blog post soberly and ...

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Atheist Memes: Be Wise — Don’t Take The Bait!

Someone asked on Facebook for advice on responding to the meme you see above and below. (It didn’t ...

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Why Do Preachers Make Jesus’ Foot-Washing Lesson Seem So Weird?

The streak continues. I heard another sermon this week on John 13, which opens with Jesus washing the ...

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man on couch, representing an imposter

Imposter Syndrome, Evangelism, and Apologetics

Someone asked in a Facebook apologetics group, “Does anyone else here who runs an Apologetics page ever suffer ...

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Outlining an Evolutionary Argument Against Moral Realism, On Materialistic Atheism

In a recent article on The Stream that’s proved controversial among some Christians on Facebook, I argued that gay ...

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Teaching Apologetics in Dayton the Next Six Thursdays

Southwest Ohio — Starting this Thursday! I’ll be teaching a six-week apologetics series at Fairhaven Church, 627 Whipp ...

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Christians Today: Totally Ready to be Unready; Perfectly Prepared to be Unprepared

We — meaning Christians in the West, especially in America — are the generation most primed, most prepared, ...

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A Conversation on Critical Conversations

I recorded this a couple years ago, but it’s every bit as relevant today, and worth re-posting. In ...

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Is the Church Abandoning Its People in Their Toughest Dilemmas?

Christians face ethical dilemmas these days like we’ve never faced before. And to the best of my knowledge, ...

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  • Tom Gilson July 9, 2020 at 7:24 am on Jesus Won’t Let Us Use Him for Our PoliticsYou’re not trying to be rude? Really? If you want to rewind, then begin by reading what I wrote, not by asking me to rewrite it. I've already answered that question. Repeatedly. You're honestly not paying attention. I haven't answered with numbers like you want me to, but I have
  • Shane Fletcher July 9, 2020 at 2:26 am on Jesus Won’t Let Us Use Him for Our PoliticsI'm not trying to be rude, or poke you with a stick. I'm honestly asking for clarification. I'll attempt to rewind. You: "If you know of any in recent history, though, you’re welcome to list them. I’ll be wondering whether it’s a long enough list to conclude it’s a widespread,
  • Tom Gilson July 8, 2020 at 8:01 am on Jesus Won’t Let Us Use Him for Our PoliticsDoes that mean my wondering is meaningless? Good grief, no. Wondering is wondering. How much background info does it require to wonder? Why on earth would you even ask such a question? And even if it were a halfway sensible kind of question, why would you ask without offering the

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