“Church-going Christians Less Likely To Commit Adultery”

Seen at Magic Statistics, insight on how to keep your marriage healthy: “What matters the most is being ...

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Natural Theology and God of the Gaps

Is there any theistic argument that can’t be accused of being a god-of-the-gaps argument? And if not, then ...

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James Corbett “Taught Us How To Think”

He Made Us Think He’s all about opening people’s minds. I don’t agree with everything he says, but ...

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Princeton “Attack” Was a Hoax

The reported attack on a conservative Princeton student was a hoax. The student, Francisco Nava, has confessed to ...

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Christian Carnival CCIII (Love of God Edition)

Now up at Bounded Irrationality: Christian Carnival CCIII (Love of God Edition)

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Broader Education, Fewer Basic Errors (?)

Also relevant to a recent post: If some scientists or (or science journalists) were more broadly educated, they ...

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“Hot Books”

Relevant to a recent post: David Mills wrote in the September 2007 Touchstone (not available online at this ...

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One Root of Our Problems; No, Two Roots

John Brockman, Publisher and Editor of the influential science-oriented website Edge, wrote this week: What I wrote in ...

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Paul’s Ponderings

From Paul’s Ponderings, a reminder for me of why we have discussions like we do here. It’s not ...

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