“How thoughts arise”

Science Centric has a report on a new, more effective approach to simulating neural networks: In their doctoral ...

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Evolution Book Sees No Science-Religion Gap – New York Times

This is going to be interesting. I’ve just ordered my copy, which should be here within a week. ...

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What Christ Does For Us, Part 3: The Extent of Brokenness

God created us for relationship with Him, and with genuine moral significance as part of our makeup. We ...

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Blog Page Improvements (Mostly)

I think I’ve solved some pesky problems with IE 6, and with comment previewing and subscribing. Internet Explorer ...

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The National Academy of Sciences and the Fact-Value Dichotomy

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS), as reported in this morning’s Los Angeles Times, has made another statement ...

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What Christ Does For Us, Part 2: Broken Roots

Yesterday we saw that God created humans to have great dignity, and superior value and worth, above every ...

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What Christ Does For Us, Part 1: Our Roots In God’s Plan

I shouldn’t have been too surprised to discover that this post on how we need Christ needed more ...

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The Historical Reliability of the New Testament: Free eBook!

From Why Faith: Christianity is a historically based religion. Its impetus was not merely a person’s sudden enlightenment ...

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Christian Carnival CXCVI

Posted now at Ancient Hebrew Poetry

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