FamilyLife Interview On Critical Conversations Coming Thursday and Friday!

Coming this Thursday and Friday — my on-air conversation with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine on keeping our ...

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No, Christian Leaders Are Not Theocracy-Seeking ‘Taliban’

Mehdi Hasan of The Intercept posted an incendiary video accusing Christian leaders (“mullahs” and “caliphs” he calls them) ...

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“Unity” That Divides

Image Credit(s): Eric Marababol.

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It’s Official. We Need Prayer Support.

We need prayer. I cannot believe the headwinds and obstacles we’ve been facing. I’m leading a team to ...

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Hell Under Fire (Facebook Live)

The topic of hell is very much under fire. I wrote about it at The Stream a couple days ...

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Apologetics in Your Teaching: Four Ways You Can Aim Your People Higher

I’ve been writing on how to bring apologetics into your teaching without scaring people away. (The series got ...

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Theme Correction

Another theme change here. I liked the look of the previous one, but there were four problems: Most ...

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Christians, We Know the Truth (Facebook Live)

We know the truth. We know the truth. We know the truth. We know the truth. And we ...

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Apologetics in the Church: The Spiritual Readiness Project Moves Forward

What will it take to bring apologetics into the local church? I must have heard that question asked ...

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