Jesus Christ: Greater Than You Knew, Too Great Not To Be True

Today I’m announcing a new argument for the historicity of the Gospels, published just now through Touchstone Magazine. The editors have titled it The Gospel Truth Of Jesus: What Happens to Apologetics If We Add “Legend” to the Trilemma “Liar, Lunatic, or Lord”?. The main point of the argument: Jesus Christ is greater than you […]

Recognizing the Real Thing: Is Christian Worship Manipulative?

The music in church was great last Sunday. Unfortunately my mind wasn’t on it totally. I flashed back on the memory of some atheist or skeptic’s complaint that we Christians subject ourselves willingly to emotional manipulation with our minds in cognitive neutral. Later I went to look for where I had read that, and while […]

What Is Christianity? Worship

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series What Is Christianity? At the core of Christianity—at the core of everything—there is God, uniquely revealed in Jesus Christ. From the earth-bound, human perspective, Christianity is primarily about being in a right relationship with God through Christ. This is a many-faceted relationship involving reconciliation with […]