God Is King. Your Vote Still Matters

Last Saturday my college, Michigan State, lost a painfully close football game when Nebraska scored a touchdown with six seconds to play. That score would not have possible apart from a referee’s flagrantly bad pass interference call in the end zone moments earlier. It was one of many bad calls during that game, going both […]

Of Course Atheists Have Meaning and Value—Just No Good Way To Explain It

Atheists often confuse Christians’ position on meaning and value. The typical version, as it comes from atheists’ mouth, is, “Christians say you don’t have meaning or value unless you believe in God. But that’s obviously false! I don’t believe in God, and I have no trouble finding meaning and value in my life.” This morning’s […]

Try Doubting Something Else

Today's skepticism a la Michael Shermer is nothing new. Neither is its selectivity. [C. S.] Lewis called for agnosticism of a sort: “I do not wish to reduce the sceptical element in your minds. I am only suggesting that it need not be reserved exclusively for the New Testament and the creeds. Try doubting something […]

Real vs. Counterfeit Compassion (Part 1)

I am no expert on compassion. To talk about it is easy, but to know it is to practice it, and there are others who practice it far better than I. This I know, however: “compassion” that strips away humanity is no compassion at all. The Bible is a record of God’s compassion toward real […]

7 Truths That Changed the World

Book Review 7 Truths That Changed the World: Discovering Christianity’s Most Dangerous Ideas by Kenneth Richard Samples. It was a bold move, in a world that increasingly describes Christianity as evil and stupid, to speak of Christianity’s “dangerous ideas.” There are those who say Christianity has been not just dangerous but downright ruinous, and there’s […]

Do We Need To Prove All Other Religions False?

Comment conversations here lately have brought up the question, “Sure, you think Christianity is true. Muslims think Islam is true. Hindus think Hinduism is true. What makes you think you’re any more right than they are? Not only that, but if you applied the same standard to Christianity that you do to those other religions, […]

Ten Turning Points: Wrap-up

From the series, Ten Turning Points That Make All the Difference Ten turning points have made all the difference—not just for some religion, not just for some people, but for all of reality. It’s time now to wrap up this series with a summary. This has been a series with a mixed purpose. I had […]