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Jesus Is Way More Unique Than You Realized

My coming book Too Good To be False tells why Jesus is the most unique person in history and literature. And yes, it’s okay to say so: the OED now approves of “most unique”!


My Prayer for My Coming Book

My prayer, freely borrowed from Philip Doddridge, for my coming book “Too Good To Be False: How Jesus’ Incomparable Character Reveals His Reality.”


Too Good Not to Be True (Video Message)

My newest book, Too Good To Be False, is at the publisher now, with an expected release sometime around mid-summer 2020. They’re working on cover design still, so I don’t...

Jesus Is Too Good To Be False

Groundbreaking “Lewis-esque” article now available again! Five years ago I published an article at Touchstone magazine that I titled “Too Good to be False,” and which they titled, “The Gospel Truth of Jesus.”...

Too Good Not To Be True

Finally, a good recording of a talk I’ve given several times. With great friends at The River church in Liberty Township, Ohio, last Sunday morning.

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