Irony and Intolerance On Campus: Case Study at UNC Wilmington

So there was this student group at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, you see, that was hosting a campus discussion on abortion. Maybe they should have known better than to have tried. It’s a rancorous issue everywhere, with religion right at the heart of the dispute, and of course everyone knows that one side […]

The Professor Who Thought He Knew Bigotry When He Saw It

Charles Negy, a psychology professor at the University of Central Florida, thinks he knows bigotry when he sees it. The blistering email he wrote on it to some 500 students has now gone viral. One key paragraph uses the word “bigot” no less than eight times (the whole is quoted in the UCF student newspaper): Students […]

Further on Dan Savage and SSM “Tolerance”

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Dan Savage With respect to this ignorant outburst, James Agresti writes, First and most succinctly, Savage’s historical revisionism is at odds with primary sources that enlighten the events of the past, such as these words penned by former slave Booker T. Washington in his celebrated […]

What Do “Hate,” “Diversity” and “Intolerance” Mean?

This is old news, but instructive nonetheless, for its issues are astonishingly and disturbingly persistent. I ran across it just now on an inactive blog called “dotmoms.”   A friend of mine told me this true story. She teaches at an elite private school, and her kids attend it as students. One day she and […]