“Faith Seeking Understanding,” edited by David Marshall

Book Review I’ve just spent hours in the company of outstanding Christian leaders: the late Dr. Paul Brand and Dr. Ralph Winter, to begin with. Not every book conveys such a warm sense of Christian fellowship, but David Marshall’s edited volume Faith Seeking Understanding: Essays in Memory of Paul Brand and Ralph D. Winter definitely […]

“The Magician’s Twin: C.S. Lewis on Science, Scientism, and Society”

Book Review The Magician’s Twin: C. S. Lewis on Science, Scientism, and Society, edited by John G. West. This had to have been a labor of love. That’s the way I’ve always felt about C.S. Lewis: from fiction to philosophy, he’s a delight to read. And even though “serious” philosophers have pooh-poohed him as not […]

Featuring the Christian Apologetics Alliance

The Christian Apologetics Alliance represents an expanding wave in Christian thinking and practice. It’s a Facebook-based group with a public page and an active blog at ApologeticAlliance.com, featuring some of the Internet’s best discussion on apologetics, worldview, and faith and culture. I want to highlight a few of the bloggers in the Alliance today, to […]

Sexuality, Marriage, and Jesus’ “Wife”

Though scholars seem to be settling in on the view that it’s a fake, the “Jesus’ wife” manuscript fragment still has a tale to tell, one with ramifications beyond what I had earlier realized. April Deconick is Isla Carroll and Percy E. Turner Professor of Biblical Studies at Rice University. On September 22 and 24 […]

The Bastion of Reason

Quoted in David Feddes, Missional Apologetics: Cultural Diagnosis and Gospel Plausibility in C.S. Lewis and Leslie Newbigin: Newbigin thought that it might be “the greatest task of the church of the twenty-first century to be the bastion of reason in a world of unreason…. Definitely. Hence True Reason: Christian Responses to the Challenge of Atheism.