The Marriage Debate

SSM, Reason, and the Religious Divide: More Non-Religious Reasons to Oppose SSM

I am continuing my extended answer to the charge, “there are no non-religious reasons to oppose same-sex marriage.” ...

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Marriage, Reason and Religion: Non-Religious Reasons to Oppose SSM

When it comes to questions of marriage, reason and religion seem polar opposites. Same-sex “marriage” (SSM) proponents like ...

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The Meaning of Biblical Marriage: Who Decides These Things?

Shari Johnson describes herself as “I am an evangelical Christian who, I am sorry to say, used to ...

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“Private Beliefs”—It’s All In How You Pose the Question

SteveK tipped us to an article that includes: Improbably, gay marriage and religion loom as issues in the ...

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Book Review: A Queer Thing Happened To America

Book Review A Queer Thing Happened to America: And What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been by Michael ...

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A Secular Sort of Dominionism

A Liberal Idea of Civility A First Things: Evangel commenter who goes by “Remember Rollen” had this to ...

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Gay “Marriage,” Civil Rights, Power, and Principle

Even a democracy can undermine freedom and foster the unethical rule of power. America’s founders saw this, and ...

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“Same-Sex Spin”

From Chuck Colson: We’ve been told so many times that same-sex “marriage” is “inevitable” that we’re tempted to ...

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What Do Diversity and Inclusion Mean at Cisco Systems?

Can someone help me understand what diversity means at Cisco Systems? 1. Frank Turek, a management and team-building ...

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