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The Marriage Debate

Is Christianity Sexist? 3: Even If…

Sexism is a manifestation of the human propensity by which those who hold power over others tend to ...

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Is Christianity Sexist? 2: A Revolution Of Liberation

Revolutionary words: Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. — ...

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When There Are No Experts

My current column at BreakPoint begins, The age of the expert is reaching a limit. Not long ago ...

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A Vision For Marriage In Our Culture: Ten Essentials

What will it take to recover marriage in our culture? Do we have a vision for marriage in ...

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Ten Reasons We’re Losing On Gay “Marriage”

We are losing on gay “marriage.” The conflict continues—there was a victory last week in North Carolina!—and the ...

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Strategies For a Tilted World

A man once ordained priest in Rome writes on CNN’s Belief Blog of “knee-jerk” Christianity, too bigoted and ...

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Two Steps From Reasonable About Marriage

Stephen Heaney at Public Discourse: Two Steps From Reasonable About Marriage. Good reading for anyone who has ever ...

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SSM: Reason and the Religious Divide Part 4: Children

I expect that this, the final post in this series, may also be the most controversial. In these ...

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SSM, Reason, and the Religious Divide: The Essential Meaning of “Marriage”

President Obama declared his affirmation of same-sex “marriage” yesterday. His opinion changes nothing except the legal and political ...

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