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The Marriage Debate

“Reason and Compassion in the Marriage Debate | Public Discourse”

When I wrote my review of What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense I was at a ...

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Treating One Another As Humans (Redux)

Yesterday a discussion that should have been about apologetics strategy went off-topic and toxic, and I deleted a ...

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How Prepared Are You?

As I said at the close of my last post, the reason I chose homosexuality as a topic ...

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Marriage and the State, or, Why SSM Advocates Can’t Win Without Losing

Why do governments recognize marriage? It’s unique among all relationships. If it’s just about deep friendship, governmental involvement ...

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Why Same-Sex “Marriage” Makes So Much Sense To So Many

Christians and other supporters of man-woman marriage: we need to understand why same-sex “marriage” (SSM) makes sense to ...

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Phil Snider’s Theatrical Maneuver on Gay “Marriage”

RE: Phil Snider, a video version of yesterday’s post, A Powerfully Poor Substitute for Honest Communication I’m closing ...

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Sexuality, Marriage, and Jesus’ “Wife”

Though scholars seem to be settling in on the view that it’s a fake, the “Jesus’ wife” manuscript ...

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The Rush To Reject Reality

Otto Tellick wrote to me in a comment concerning my recent BreakPoint article, Your own black-and-white view of ...

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