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The Marriage Debate

Wrong, By Any Human Standard

There are certain things we can all agree on. We don't agree on whether extreme public sexual expression ...

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Marriage Is … ? (For family discussion)

Here’s a discussion you can have around the dinner table, if your kids are old enough: What is ...

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Question from Robert Jones on SSM strategy

Early yesterday morning Robert Jones asked a good question about same-sex “marriage” and its opponents’ strategies, on a ...

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More On Why Same-Sex “Marriage” Seems To Make Sense To So Many

Back in October I explained why I think it is that same-sex “marriage” (SSM) makes so much sense ...

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Marriage and Same-Sex “Marriage:” Thoughts for Teaching Ministry

Further on why same-sex “marriage” makes sense to so many: Marriage is under attack from multiple directions. It ...

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Dealing With Two Common Arguments for Same-Sex “Marriage”

My post this afternoon on same-sex “marriage” (SSM) might help you deal with two common objections to man-woman ...

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My Goals In the Same-Sex “Marriage” Debate

I think I ought to be open about what I’m trying to accomplish in the same-sex “marriage” (SSM) ...

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Why the SSM Debate Is So Challenging: The Slogan Effect

I was at a meeting not long ago discussing what it would take for sanity to prevail on ...

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Phil and Alex on “Marriage Equality”

Please meet my new friends Phil and Alex! Well, actually they’re a pair of made-up characters who like ...

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