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The Marriage Debate

“Gay Christianity:” Matthew Vines’s Empty Argument From Silence

Is there such a thing as gay Christianity? Just over a week ago, Michael Brown and Matthew Vines ...

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Review: Matthew Vines’s “God and the Gay Christian”

Matthew Vines’s God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships purports to be an ...

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Five Crucial Questions: Live Streaming From Five Campuses This Week!

Five Universities. Five Nights. Five Crucial Questions. Live Streaming, Every Night This Week Sponsored by Ratio Christi Student ...

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Marriage In the Bible: Just a Few Isolated Passages?

Among the many mistakes made by supporters of same-sex “marriage” is their view that marriage in the Bible ...

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We’re Not All Like That, Dan Savage

Our old friend Dan Savage is at it again, this time with a website saying “Christians are not ...

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The Court, the Culture, and the Glory of God

God does not conform to culture. Culture does not conform itself to God. Stated thus, the situation almost ...

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Phil and Alex Discuss “Hate the Sin But Love the Sinner”

Remember Phil and Alex? After a long time away they’re back again. By way of reminder, they’re good ...

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Worldview and Marriage Debates: Differences Run Deep

No wonder the debate is so difficult: When it comes to worldview and marriage, our differences run deep. ...

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The Worldview Clash in the Marriage Debate

Continuing my series on Biblical and Secular Reasons for Man-Woman Marriage, I want to put it in context ...

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