The Marriage Debate

The PC (USA): To redefine marriage — and justice, and grace, and …

The Presbyterian Church (USA) has voted to redefine marriage as “a unique commitment between two people, traditionally a ...

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What Is Marriage, If “Marriage Equality” Is Real?

The last time I went this long without publishing a blog post here it was because I had ...

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SSM Because of Equal Protection? Begging the Question!

Two commenters lately have been telling me that same-sex marriage (SSM) is a moral and/or legal necessity because ...

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What’s True About Marriage That Makes It True That Same-Sex Unions Should Be Treated as Marriages?

Same-sex marriage advocates are convinced, and want to convince the rest of us, that SSM is a genuine ...

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Wrong Question: “Wouldn’t It Be Better for the Child If Her Gay Parents Were Married?”

One of the common arguments for same-sex marriage (SSM) goes something like this: “Same-sex couples can adopt children, ...

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“New Research on Same-Sex Households Reveals Kids Do Best With Mom and Dad”

I don’t have time to comment on this tonight, but you need to read it. New Research on ...

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Why No Campaign To Ban Divorce? A Matching Game For You

Hey, folks, it’s Saturday, so here’s a game for you! Actually, it’s a matching game, for all who ...

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Counterfeit Marital Love in Same-Sex and Straight Relationships

Recently Bill L. has asked me to explain how my position on same-sex “marriage” squares with certain sociological facts about ...

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Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach (Book Review)

Book Review For some time now I’ve been recommending Girgis, George, and Anderson’s What Is Marriage as the ...

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