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The Marriage Debate

Obergefell: Freedom’s End Foreshadowed

My BreakPoint column posted today is about the undeniable differences between Obergefell v. Hodges and Brown v. Board ...

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What Does This Writer Represent?

What would you think of a writer spent an entire article slamming another writer he’s never met, speculating ...

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Could This Restore Christian Bakers’ Freedom of Conscience?

An idea that might help restore Christian bakers’ freedom of conscience: The law in many states now requires ...

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“Still Against Gay Marriage?” Good Relational Advice, Bad Practice, and a Solution

Steve Siebold was given a platform at Huffington Post to explain how people should behave, now that the ...

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“Sexual Liberty, Sexual Equality, Sexual Fraternity or Sorority!”

I’ve never studied the French Revolution in depth, but I know it was a horrifically bloody time, a ...

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The Judgment Has Been Delivered. The Debate Is Settled.

The Supreme Court has ruled on gay marriage in the U.S. Does this mean it’s all over? That ...

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Repost: The Court, the Culture, and the Glory of God

I wrote this early in 2013 following a major Supreme Court decision on marriage. It seems timely again ...

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The Nurturance Model of Marriage: Incomplete and Inadequate

Better late than never, I’m responding to a pro-same-sex-marriage article that d has commended for our consideration. I’m ...

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The Burden of Proof in the Marriage Debate

With a Supreme Court decision on marriage coming up this summer, there’s an almost palpable sense of fear ...

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