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The Marriage Debate

“Turning the Bible on its Head — Newsweek Goes for Gay Marriage”

Introductory The national news media are collectively embarrassed by the passage of Proposition 8 in California. Gay rights ...

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Wrong Questions About Same-Sex “Marriage”

We’re continually asking and answering the wrong questions about same-sex “marriage.” Defenders ask, “what’s wrong with it?” Opponents ...

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Same-Sex “Marriage” Weaponry?

This LA Times headline is unbelievable: Wielding religion as a weapon against gay marriage. The first completely irresponsible ...

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If Not a Dolphin, If Not Yourself, Then Marry a Robot

“Not tonight, dear, I have to reboot.” Artificial-intelligence researcher David Levy projected a mock image on a screen ...

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Portable Alternative “Marriages”

From the Washington Times, via Family Scholars Blog, comes this news on portable polygamy: The British government has ...

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