The Marriage Debate

SSM Advocates’ Unprincipled Position on Marriage

No one today is carrying on the same-sex “marriage” (SSM) debate more thoughtfully than Sherif Girgis, Robert George, ...

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SSM Trends: Something Lacking, No Rules

Trend-watching, from today’s NY Times, “When the Bride Takes a Bride:” how same-sex couples are finding ways to ...

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Gay Rights Distortions and Aggression

Clay Farris Naff asked in the Huffington Post this week, Do We Really Want America to Be a ...

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Interracial Marriage and Same-Sex “Marriage” « Public Discourse

An important insight from Francis Beckwith on same-sex “marriage” and its supposed analogy to interracial marriage. Based on ...

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Creative Minority Report: “Marriage as a Life Issue”

From Creative Minority Report: Marriage as a Life Issue: Guttmacher points out that “the overwhelming majority of women ...

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Why I Signed The Manhattan Declaration

Maybe it’s the Yorktown effect. I live just a few miles from the battlefield where America won its ...

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Discrimination On the Basis of What?

From a termination letter written to an employee of Brookstone, Inc.: Peter, Brookstone is an equal opportunity employer, ...

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On Marriage In Maine

An encouraging outcome: They had far more money, ground troops and political support, and geography was on their ...

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“A Christian Vision of Marriage and Family”

Albert Mohler, on a new book by Andreas Kostenberger with David W. Jones: As Kostenberger observes, “What until ...

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