The Marriage Debate

New Release! A Christian Mind: Thoughts on Life and Truth in Jesus Christ

Just released! My new book A Christian Mind: Thoughts on Life and Truth in Jesus Christ. It’s a collection of ...

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Biola Bells

“Being Right Has Replaced Loving One Another”?

“Being right has replaced loving one another as we love ourselves.” So says Erin Green in the Huffington ...

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Have We Missed the Truth About LGBT Rebellion and Human Nature?

If we think of the LGBT revolution as rebellion against human nature, we might have it wrong: it ...

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Talk: Where Today’s Moral Confusion Came From and What We Can Do About It I rolled into town a bit early last Friday, heading into a weekend of ministry with Immanuel ...

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“You’re Anti-Gay Just Like You’re Anti-Everything Else!” — Christian Faith Under (Im)Moral Attack, Part Eight

Challenge Number Eight: “Anti-this, anti-that, you’re just anti-gay!” (Eighth in a series of ten, from my new book Critical Conversations!) This one ...

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Sex After Christianity | The American Conservative

I don’t agree with Rod Dreher on everything, but he sure got this right, in Sex After Christianity ...

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Pushback Against “Critical Conversations” Book? No, Just Stereotyping

At first I was going to say here that my book Critical Conversations had received its first pushback ...

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Same-Sex Marriage In 2016: One More Reason the Question Still Matters

Pundits are marking 2015 as the year the same-sex marriage question was settled in the United States. They’re wrong. ...

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From “Jesus Saves” to “Jesus Approves”

There was a time when people knew what it meant that “Jesus saves.” The punsters’ follow-up, “at First ...

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