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The Overwhelming, Mysterious, Multi-dimensional Glory of God’s Goodness

I don’t know how to speak this well enough. It would take a poet. God is good, and ...

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Does God Care, Even When We’re Suffering?

We’ve been looking at the question, does God care? The apostle Paul looked at it, too, in the ...

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Does God Care? He Proved It!

I said the other day that God cares by giving us strength when we need it. Sometimes, though, ...

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Does God Care? Yes!

I was going to follow up my post on Does God Care? yesterday, but at 3 am my chronically-injured left ...

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Does God Care?

I was with a small group of Ratio Christi leaders the other day, talking about the problem of ...

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Growth in Being and In Power—In Jesus Christ

I've been reading David Bentley Hart's The Experience of God. I would recommend Hart to atheists the way ...

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A Rough Season

It’s been a rough season for me. I never expected that I would still be wearing a cast ...

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God Is Still Good

Not long ago I wrote a post titled “God is Still Good,” about the report I had received ...

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God Is Still Good

I’m sitting on the recliner in the corner of our living room, typing with my Mac on my ...

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