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The Spiritual Life of an Apologist

My friend Brian Auten at Apologetics 315 has just posted audio from one of the discussions Tim McGrew and I led at Defend the Faith, a conference held at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary early last month. This one is on The Spiritual Life of an Apologist. For your convenience, listen here: [podcast]https://www.thinkingchristian.net/wp-content/audio/df15-mcgrew-gilson-spiritual-life-of-apologist.mp3[/podcast]

Spirituality Without Religion

The LA Times is reporting on a “Spirituality for Kids” curriculum being presented in some Los Angeles public schools.   ‘Spirituality for Kids’ is not religious,” said Karen Timko, who is in charge of elementary counselors for the Los Angeles Unified School District and has included the group in a resource fair for counselors. “It’s tools …

Religion, other factors contribute to successful African-American marriages

More positive life outcomes associated with spirituality. This EurekAlert article’s headline reads Religion, other factors contribute to successful African-American marriages Spousal commitment, faith and communication key to enduring relationships This continues to add to an ongoing store of articles on spirituality and life outcomes. Please see that page for perspectives on interpreting such research.

Further Effects of “Child Abuse:” Spirituality Is Major Contributor to Children’s Happiness

Richard Dawkins is famously trying to convince the world that it’s abusive to raise children in a religious tradition–any religious tradition. It’s an ironically unscientific opinion, not just unsupported but actually contradicted by research. Mike Gene points to yet another instance of that: Spirituality — defined as an inner belief system — accounted for eight …