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Slavery and Abolition

Episode 2-5: A Conversation with Gay/Progressive Leader Brandan Robertson

I had a most interesting conversation on Thursday with Brandan Robertson, who is a leading spokesman for gay ...

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Disappointing: Seidensticker’s Atheist Critique Not Even Semi-Serious After All

It’s strange. You’d think an atheist as sure of himself as Bob Seidensticker would be more serious about ...

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When Atheists Say, ‘I Read the Bible, That’s Why I’m An Atheist.’

Note to podcast listeners: The webinar I told you I would be on this weekend was postponed to ...

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Slavery in the Old Testament: A Biblical Overview via Logos 6

Very soon I’ll be opening up a group study of Paul Copan’s Is God a Moral Monster?. Be ...

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If not the Bible, then how did we come to know that slavery is wrong?

That WWJTD’s response to my August 24 post, Ten Reasons the Bible Has It Right On Slavery, was ...

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Ten Reasons the Bible Has It Right on Slavery

I read Keith’s comment #172 this morning with deep grief in my heart. He wondered whether there was ...

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Seven Reasons To Give Old Testament Ethics the Benefit of the Doubt

Why do Christians give Old Testament ethics the benefit of the doubt? That question came up before Christmas, ...

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Slavery and Freedom

Skeptics criticize the Bible for not condemning slavery, with some taking it to such an extreme level that ...

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On Christianity and Slavery: You Would Think…

It’s a funny thing about Christianity and slavery, as I said in a comment just now. You would ...

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