Seven Reasons To Give Old Testament Ethics the Benefit of the Doubt

Why do Christians give Old Testament ethics the benefit of the doubt? That question came up before Christmas, as a result of discussions here on slavery in the Old Testament. There is no denying that the slavery codes in the Pentateuch seem wrong, even barbaric, to 21st century readers (most readers, that is: slavery is […]

Slavery and Freedom

Skeptics criticize the Bible for not condemning slavery, with some taking it to such an extreme level that they refuse to recognize the clear historic good that Christianity has done in freeing slaves. I think we need to think more deeply about slavery and freedom. Freedom has classically been understood not as freedom-from, but as […]

Further on Dan Savage and SSM “Tolerance”

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Dan Savage With respect to this ignorant outburst, James Agresti writes, First and most succinctly, Savage’s historical revisionism is at odds with primary sources that enlighten the events of the past, such as these words penned by former slave Booker T. Washington in his celebrated […]