Good News in Jesus Christ!

The other day Shane Fletcher and I were talking briefly about what the Gospel really is. He said he’d like to know better. So would I, in many (many!) ways. It’s so multifaceted! What is this good news in Jesus Christ? The Gospel comes from root words meaning “good news,” which it really is, centered […]

Ten Turning Points: Again, Why the Cross?

From the series, Ten Turning Points That Make All the Difference When Jesus died on the cross he did it for joy and for love. We saw that last time in this series. That doesn’t tell us much, though, about what was actually helpful about his dying.. Earlier in this series (here and here) we […]

The Shrinking Lies of Sin

A popular hymn in the church where I grew up began, “I was sinking deep in sin.” I think another song could be written, “I was shrinking deep in sin.” For it seems to me that one effect of sin is to make us smaller. God created us to live large. Genesis 1:28, the first […]