Transgendered Persons and Homicides: Co-opting Statistics To Peddle a Message

Doing background research related to yesterday’s blog post on bullying, I ran across this CBS News headline from last November: “Homicides of transgender women in U.S. reach alarming high.” The total at that point in 2015: 22 trans-women. How alarming is that? It depends on what kind of story you want to tell. You could tell […]

Bill Nye, Deniable Guy: Promoting Science and Rationality, He Blunders On Both

Science Guy Bill Nye says he stands for excellence in thinking skills and scientific reasoning. Recently, however, he violated both of those values in the very act of promoting them. HuffPost reports him as saying, The biggest danger creationism plays… is that it is raising a generation of children who “can’t think” and who “will […]

Melanie Phillips on “The Secular Inquisition”

From Melanie Phillips today comes possibly the most intellectually aware statement I have seen from any journalist on the Intelligent Design controversy, including this: While materialist fundamentalists can deal with religious believers by scoffing they are in a separate domain altogether from the real ie scientific world, the suggestion that science might itself arrive at […]

Spirituality protects against depression better than church attendance??

I saw this headline in my newsreader, and of course I was intrigued. Spirituality protects against depression better than church attendance Questions were clicking in my mind immediately, even as I clicked the link. How did they define spirituality for purposes of their research (the operational definition)? What religious groups were included, and did they […]

Warning to Canadians: Duck!

This news just in from EurekAlert (quoting the actual headline): New comet discovered in Canada To be more specific: [A] comet has been discovered at the University of Calgary’s Rothney Astrophysical Observatory, which is located about 35 kilometres southwest of Calgary. To my friends in Canada: I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving Day yesterday. […]