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Real vs. Counterfeit Compassion (Part 2)

Sam Harris thinks we’ll see how rational it is to be compassionate toward evildoers if we recognize that ...

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Real vs. Counterfeit Compassion (Part 1)

I am no expert on compassion. To talk about it is easy, but to know it is to ...

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Sam Harris and Lawrence Krauss Talk About Nothing, and Make About That Much Sense

Lawrence Krauss says to Sam Harris, Indeed, the question, “Why is there something rather than nothing?” which forms ...

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Sam Harris: Where Reason Fails, Resort To Dogma

Book Review My reaction to Sam Harris’s latest book has progressed from “painful” to “alarming”—alarming for what Sam ...

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Watching Sam Harris Hurt Himself

Book Review I’m not sure which is more painful: seeing a brilliant intellect like Sam Harris be so ...

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Sam Harris’s Moral Desperation Move

Coming to the National Conference on Christian Apologetics? Look me up there, or send an email, please—I’d love ...

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Sam Harris Contra Francis Collins as NIH Head

I was thinking of writing a response to Sam Harris’s recent bleat against Francis Collins. Collins, a world-class ...

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